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Frequently Asked Questions


How soon in advance should I book my session?

Short answer: as soon as possible!

Long answer: weddings typically book out a year or even two years in advance. For sessions I recommend booking 1-2 months in advance, but I'll take bookings as far as 6 months out and once those spots are gone, they're gone. Especially if you're looking for a weekend date, book ASAP because those are the first to go.

Last minute openings are occasionally available and I try to accommodate everyone as best as I can, but I can't guarantee a last minute booking - so to avoid scrambling, don't risk putting it off!

What if I need to reschedule my session?

At the time of booking I require a non-refundable retainer fee to hold your date. If you need to reschedule for any reason, your retainer is still good and I have no problem working out a new date with you - I'd much rather you stay home and get better if you feel sick!

As far as weather, I do not schedule rain dates in advance. Rainy, cloudy, or snowy days are totally okay to shoot in as long as the weather is not inclement and everyone feels comfortable. I always leave it up to the client if they want to reschedule for a sunny day.

Do you offer mini sessions?

I offer mini sessions on a very limited basis, usually on select dates of the year. I do not do on demand minis.

If you're looking for "just a quick photo" I'm probably not the photographer for you - all of my sessions are designed to be longer so I can spend more time creating a unique, tailored experience - this allows me to deliver a gallery that truly feels like YOU!

What should I wear?

I have a style guide that I can provide if needed, but I always say that neutrals and jewel tones are a safe bet. Layers also photograph well. For families, I always encourage coordinating but not matching. Comfort should always be a priority. If you have any questions or just want to run some ideas by me I'm always happy to help with styling!

How much do you charge for travel?

That depends! I love exploring new places and am open to traveling just about anywhere. Typically, I charge per mile for driving distances over 50 miles round trip from Stoughton, MA. If you're a flight away, I just charge the client for travel accommodations. Feel free to fill out my contact form for a more accurate travel quote.

When can I expect a final gallery?

For sessions, you will receive a viewing gallery about a week after your session date. Once you make your final selections and confirm with me, retouching time will be an additional 1-3 weeks depending on the season and type of session.

Wedding turnaround time is about 4-6 weeks, with sneak peeks about a week after the event.

What does retouching include?

Retouching is a process photographers use to clean up a photo - these are more involved edits, usually including editing skin to remove blemishes, removing flyaway hairs, or taking distracting elements out of the background such as stains on the sidewalk. My general rule for retouching people is that if the mark will not be there in a week, I remove it, but I don't touch things like scars or moles unless asked. I also do not under any circumstances do major body edits. My overall goal is to showcase your natural, beautiful self!

Do you give out raw photos?

Unless subcontracted to represent someone else's brand, I do not under any circumstances release raw photos as they are not an accurate reflection of my work. When you hire a photographer, you aren't just hiring someone to pose you and take photos, you are also hiring them for their unique editing style. An unedited photo is a photographer's version of a rough sketch, or the framework of a house being built. Trust your photographer with the final products - we know what we're doing!


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