Some of my favorite sessions to do are child milestone photos. I LOVE working with toddlers and I especially love documenting their growth - I have some families that come to me year after year, and it's so wild to see how fast kids grow in such a small amount of time!

So many parents put off doing photos of their toddler because they're not sure how their child will behave. And that's totally understandable! Littles can be temperamental and sometimes they're just not feeling it in front of the camera. I'm a firm believer though that there's no better time like the present to book photos - if you're on the fence, think about how you'll feel in a year or two when the moment has passed. Will you regret not having those photos of your child in this fleeting stage of life? I've heard so many stories from parents about how much they regret not taking more pictures while their kids were young, and it breaks my heart.

So here are my top tips for a successful milestone session!

  1. Consider whether you want to do the session at home or on location. I love picking out the perfect location for family photos, and have a handful of spots that I know always yield stunning results, but you know your baby best! If you feel like an unfamiliar location might be overwhelming for your child, consider an at-home session. I'm always open to coming to you, and sometimes the best place for a milestone session is in the space where your toddler is the most comfortable and at ease.
  2. Make sure your little has napped, eaten, etc. A well rested and fed baby is a happy baby!
  3. Have some toys, stuffed animals, blankets, etc. on hand. Whatever your child loves to play with or hug, have it with you during the photo session to keep them happy and entertained.
  4. Invite grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, whichever family member your toddler just adores! Not only can they help make your child laugh, but they can also hop in and get some photos with your toddler too!
  5. On that same note, get in the photos with your kids! Trust me - you'll want these photos when they're older!
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