Class of 2025: This is your ultimate guide on all things senior photos, from choosing the right photographer for you, planning the details for your shoot, and walking away with photos that feel authentically YOU!

Your senior photos don't have to be boring!

Gone are the days where senior photos are just you in front of a basic blue background or leaning against a random tree, tilting your head to an uncomfortable angle and forcing a “cheese!” through gritted teeth. I love to spend time getting to know my clients and creating a fun, easygoing experience to get vibrant images that truly capture everything they’re about.

Bright, Vibrant Senior Photos at the Bradley Estate in Canton MA
Candid, Natural Light Portrait Photography in South Shore MA
Guys High School Senior Portraits in Walpole MA
Central MA High School Senior Photos
Vivid, Lifestyle Portrait Photography in Wrentham MA
Golden, Movement Based Portraits in Easton MA

Where should you even begin when trying to find a photographer?

Chances are you've started your search by asking some of your friends which photographer THEY used, or maybe you started simply by Googling "senior photographer near me" or something of the sorts. That's definitely a great start! But I'd advise against booking the first photographer you find - and even more so, I'd advise against booking the photographer with the cheapest package! More than likely, you won't be fully satisfied if you do. You might walk away from the session feeling like it could have gone better - maybe you felt a little uncomfortable, maybe you didn't feel as confident as you would have liked. You might get the photos back and realize that you don't actually like the way your photographer edits.

Take your time when searching for a photographer. Go through several portfolios and take note of the elements you like and don't like. Are the tones and colors in the photos light and airy, true to color, vibrant and bold, or dark and moody? Are the poses stiff or full of movement? Are they taken in front of a backdrop or on location? When you book a photographer, you are booking them for their style of photography. If their entire body of work is true to color, posed portraits in front of a backdrop in a studio, YOUR photos will also look like that. So make sure you LOVE your photographer's style!

Once you've narrowed it down, that's when you should consider budget, availability, and turnaround time. Who fits your budget? Are they booked out for the next year or do they have availability in your timeframe? What is their typical timeframe for returning a finished product?

My biggest tip is always to book EARLY and keep track of your deadlines! Some schools have senior photos submission deadlines as early as the end of September. In order to give your photographer enough time to work their magic, make sure you book your senior photos well before your deadline. Also, make sure you reach out early too! If you know you want your photos done in October, you should reach out in the spring to make sure you get an ideal date (plus, doesn’t crossing “book photographer” off your summer to do list early feel so good?)

Okay, you booked your photographer, you have a session date in your calendar. Cross that off your to do list! But what now?

"Where should I even go for my senior photos?"

Choosing a location for your portraits is one of the most important aspects of planning a shoot. Your location sets the vibe for your photos and will dictate the styling for everything else. Do you want something simple, classy, and timeless, or a little more textured, urban, and modern? Does your heart belong at the beach or in the woods? Do you want to stay local, or go on an adventure? We can go anywhere for your photos - and I mean ANYWHERE. Your senior photos are meant to capture YOU, so let’s get you in your element, whether that’s chasing waves until the sun goes down, spending hours with your nose in a book, nailing tricks at the skate park; the possibilities are endless!

I have an entire blog post dedicated to five of my favorite locations in South Shore, Massachusetts for senior photos, so I highly recommend checking that out!

Once again, the possibilities are ENDLESS, so if the classic options like parks or beaches aren't your vibe or you're just looking for something a little out of the box, consider one of these options for your senior photos!

Botanic Garden Senior Portraits in Massachusetts

Botanical garden or greenhouse

Photo taken at New England Botanic Gardens at Tower Hill in Boylston, MA

Boston MA Urban Senior Portraits

Urban vibes

Photo taken at Graffiti Alley in Cambridge, MA

King Phillip High School Senior Portrait Photographer


Photo taken in the center of Wrentham, MA

"What the heck do I wear?"

Bring a couple different outfits! Whether you can’t decide between something a little dressier or more casual, have a jersey or a uniform and want those memories captured, or just want to do a little bit of everything, bringing a couple different looks can help add variety to a gallery.

As for my recommendations on what tends to photograph the best, I always recommend neutrals, pastels, or jewel tones and staying away from fluorescent, neon colors. Prints are totally fine but keep in mind that a really tiny or busy print might clash with the background. But the most important thing is that you are fully comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. If something is too itchy or doesn't fit right or you're just not confident in what you're wearing, that discomfort will come through in the photos. Choosing an outfit that feels like something you'd actually wear is the best way to ensure your photos really feel like you!

Marshfield High School Beach Senior Portrait Photography

Layer up and add accessories!

Adding layers and accessories to a simple jeans and tee shirt combo can add texture and interesting details, as well as add subtle personality to your photos. 

Scituate High School Senior Photographer

Keep your location in mind when choosing an outfit!

Wearing heavy boots and a chunky sweater to the beach doesn't make as much sense as wearing a flowy dress!

Sharon High School Senior Photography

Consider something that moves!

I love doing tons of prompts during senior sessions - consider bringing a flowy skirt or dress to add movement to your photos.

Ready to cross "book senior photos" off your summer to do list?