I LOVE senior photos. 

Senior photos are so much FUN. And so much goes into them to make each and every session unique and personalized to the senior. Outfit (or outfits), props (like sports gear or instruments - I always encourage seniors to bring anything that represents THEM), even the time of day or time of year make a huge difference. 

One element in particular that is so important for how your photos turn out is the location, and it’s often a part of sessions that leaves many clients scratching their heads. What is the best location to shoot in? Will the lighting be okay there? Is the beach an option, and if so, which one? Which spot has the best October foliage? (You get the idea!) 

If you’re stumped on what you want for the vibe of your senior session, I’ve got you! Here are some of MY favorite locations around the South Shore, MA area. (Note: I am definitely using the most flexible definition of the term “South Shore” here - I’ve come to realize that it’s a very loosely defined area sooooo bear with me!) 

Rexhame Beach and South River, Marshfield

This beach is my TOP beach for photos whenever anyone asks for a beach location. On one side is the beach, of course. It’s a sandy, rocky beach and offers many little spots for photos - sand dunes, beach grass, rustic wooden fencing, and of course, the ocean and rocks. On the other side you’ve got the quieter, more secluded South River area. The sun sets over it, so in the evening it’s the perfect spot for some golden backlighting. 

Marshfield High School Senior Photographer
Stormy Beach Senior Photos
High School Senior Photos by the Ocean

War Memorial Park, West Bridgewater

This park might be my FAVORITE place to shoot of all time. It’s like a little hidden gem in the Bridgewater area. Bordered by the town river, it features a winding little stream and lots of wooden bridges, as well as greenery and old stone structures. It’s my go-to spot for any session.

Portrait Photographer in West Bridgewater MA
Autumnal October High School Senior Photo
October Senior Photos for Guys

Governor Oliver Ames Estate and Queset Garden, Easton

Okay, this is technically two locations - but I couldn’t decide which one was better! They’re within 5 minutes of each other, but offer very different looks. Governor Ames Estate is open and airy, with beautiful trees and a pond.

Portrait Photographer in Easton, MA
Fall Foliage High School Senior Photos
Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School Senior Photographer

The Queset Garden is a part of the Ames Library and offers a more rustic, structured look with beautifully gardened grounds and stone structures.

Summer Senior Photos in Easton MA
Prom Photographer in Easton MA
Unique High School Senior Photos

Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate, Canton

This reservation is a fan favorite for Canton seniors! It features a beautiful brick building, the most breathtaking garden, an open field and fence with the perfect golden light, and, of course, The Path - ( I love The Path). My favorite thing about this spot is that it’s super flexible. There are SO many different looks we can pull from just this one location, and I just adore it.

Garden Senior Photos in Canton MA
Canton High School Senior Photos
High School Senior Photos for Guys

The Lane Homestead Property, Foxboro

Confession: this location is the one I’ve used the least out of all of the ones I listed. I had one 2021 senior request for it and when I scouted it I fell in LOVE at first sight - and then forgot all about it until the spring, when ANOTHER client requested it. The Lane Property is gorgeous. The trees frame the Neponset Reservoir perfectly, and in the fall it is quite honestly the most beautiful sight (you’ll see exactly what I mean in the pictures below). There’s also an open field area and fencing that provide the perfect simple and airy background.

Barn Door Senior Photos in Foxboro MA
Foxboro High School Senior Photographer
Senior Photos with Fall Foliage and Water

If you found this helpful, feel free to share it with anyone who might need location ideas for their photos!