Eni and Kristi were so much fun to work with! I absolutely loved their choice of wardrobe - super fitting for the early October vibes. They brought their sweet French Bulldog Coconut to their engagement session too which made it that much more special!

Kristi proposed to Eni while they were in Italy. He had actually hired a photographer while they were there to capture the moment - in our consultation Eni had mentioned that they were probably going to use those photos for their save the date cards (I mean, if I had proposal photos from Italy I'd be using them too!) but wanted to still go ahead and do an engagement session to get some photos with Coco.

I always encourage my couples to take advantage of the complimentary engagement session I include in some of my packages for a few reasons. An engagement session is obviously a great way to commemorate and celebrate your engagement - which is typically the shortest period during your relationship if you think about it! It helps you become more comfortable in front of the camera and, naturally, get more comfortable with your photographer as well. I'll be there for some of the most intimate, emotional moments during your wedding after all! But not only is it helpful for a couple to familiarize themselves with how I work - how I give direction, my style of shooting, etc - but it's also helpful for me to gain a better understanding of how the COUPLE works as well! If they are a more outgoing, goofy couple, I'll do more of the fun, movement-based prompts that get laughs, but for a more quiet, reserved, or "lovey" couple I'll do more intimate, softer posing. Learning how my couples interact is a huge part of how I tailor my experience to fit them!

I'm so excited to be photographing Eni and Kristi's wedding next summer! These two are an absolute blast and a joy to work with, and I can't wait to document their special day for them!

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