Kiera's mother reached out to me late August with an inquiry I genuinely laughed out loud at because it truly encapsulated the high school senior experience. It was a short and sweet message, asking for any date I could squeeze Kiera in ASAP, and "OMG! So late!" written at the very end.

I was able to get her in for early September and we planned to meet up at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield - one of my favorite beach locations along the South Shore for portraits. Kiera loves sports and LOVES the ocean, so towards the end of the session as the sun was starting to set, we decided to take some photos in the water, and Kiera and I both agreed that these were our favorites!

The moment during a senior session when I show them a photo and they go "OHHH. That's my favorite. I LOVE that one." is the BEST feeling. Many seniors start their session feeling nervous or even a little insecure, and it's always my goal to help them feel confident and start to enjoy the experience. I could tell towards the end that Kiera was starting to really have fun with it and I loved seeing her personality shine through in her photos!

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