To celebrate Cooper's first birthday, Kay reached out to me about updating her family photos to document her growing family. She wanted to make sure to include both her side and her husband's - as well as her sweet little dog Benny!

We started in their backyard to get all of the extended family photos done first. We did group shots to include everyone as well as pulled smaller groups such as Kay's mother with Cooper, Kay with her parents, etc. Then we did the same for her husband Chad's side. By this point, we had been out in the sun for a little bit and I could tell Cooper needed a break, so we found some shade and let Cooper hang out and chill for a bit. I always carry bubbles with me for the littles, so we broke those out to get some cute little smiles!

After this, we focused on getting immediate family photos of just Kay, Chad, and Cooper, with hopes of including Benny towards the end. I always get to my location a bit early especially if it's somewhere I'm not familiar with, so when I got to their house and was scouting for possible photo spots I noticed how beautiful the golden light was streaming in on the path leading up to the front door. Kay had mentioned that they bought their house fairly recently, so of course I was excited to do immediate family photos out front. I loved the playfulness of these photos, especially the ones with Benny!

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